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Download CS 1.6 easy and fast! Is there anyone who doesn’t know this game? It’s really hard to believe it is still popular. Millions of people around world is still playing this game. Counter strike 1.6 – is multiplayer online, first person shooter. It is one of most popular games in world. Nowadays this game is free to download, just find good server, and enjoy this legendary shooter. For the same reason, we prepared latest client. Our client finds many best servers, has bots and better protection, nothing illegal changed in files. You can get it for any operating system: v44, v42, v48 for all versions of windows, linux, mac etc. Get it from our website absolutely for no cost and without any advertisement’s or unwanted application’s! If you want to download CS for specific operating system just read our articles and follow simple instruction’s which is in articles


About The Game

The original Counter-Strike 1.6 game contains all the latest updates and patches. Supports PC versions of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. CS 1.6 Game introduced in 1999 was the first person shooter game. They developed by valve corporation. Initially, they developed and most famous day by day. Counter-Strike 1.6 also called as half-life modification.


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